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Railroad Cooperation With Kazakhstan

Railroad Cooperation With Kazakhstan
Railroad Cooperation With Kazakhstan

In a joint session in Tehran, Askar Mamin, the minister of transport and communications of Kazakhstan, and Mohammad Gharavi, the head of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Transit Committee, agreed upon the transportation of some one million tons of wheat, ironware and other commodities via the Inche Boroun transit railroad.

The two sides emphasized the importance of cooperation in the field of transit including smoothing the process of transportation via Incheh Boroun railroad and removing bottlenecks to improve cargo transport between the two countries, IRNA reported.

Iran and Kazakhstan also agreed to move at least one million tons of wheat and 300,000 tons of ironware in addition to the 10-15 million tons of cargo from India via the railroad.

With 80 kilometers of the railroad running within the borders of Iran, 700 kilometers in Turkmenistan and more than 120 kilometers in Kazakhstan, the 926-kilometer long railroad was inaugurated last year.

Last week, the first cargo, including 45 freight wagons entered the country via the railroad from Kazakhstan following the signing of a document for cooperation between Iranian and Kazakh railroad officials, said the head of the Northeast Railroad 2, Mohammad Reza Qorbani.

Officials from both countries also decided to work on developing the Incheh Borun-Bandar Abbas line as the New Silk Road route.

Iran and Central Asian nations have stepped up work on establishing an integrated freight railroad network to link Asia to the Persian Gulf, Europe and Africa as part of an ambitious Chinese plan to revive the ancient Silk Road, which would require building a network of various transit modes.

Head of IRIR Abbas Nazari said Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, linked by the Caspian Sea, are working on a unified transit tariff.

The Kazakh minister agreed to supply at least 200 freight wagons for the new agreement to come to force and facilitate the shipment process.