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Workers Pushing for Higher Wages

Workers Pushing for Higher Wages
Workers Pushing for Higher Wages

The High Labor Council is working on a proposal based on which the minimum wage for workers would rise slightly for the second time in a year, a top advisor to Representatives Assembly of Iranian Workers told Mehr news agency.

Faramarz Tofiqi said if the proposal is approved, the monthly wage for every employee could increase at least 150,000 rials ($5.6) or more if overtime is included.

Based on labor law, every year the High Labor Council is required to raise the minimum wage for workers to counter the official inflation rate.

Last month, representatives of workers filed a complaint against the Supreme Labor Council at the Parliament’s Article 90 Committee which is responsible to deal with complaints made against the country’s three branches of power including the legislative, executive, and judiciary.

The representatives claimed the council had failed to adequately raise their minimum wages in the Iranian calendar year 1392 – which ended 21 March 2014. The protesters believed the wage increase in that year was far less than the inflation rate.

Based on the country’s labor law, monthly minimum wage for the year 1393 (which started March 21) was set at 6,089,100 rials ($229 calculated on government exchange rates) which could be more considering fringe benefits.