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Afghan VP Visits Chabahar For Expanding Ties

Afghan VP Visits Chabahar For Expanding Ties
Afghan VP Visits Chabahar For Expanding Ties

Afghanistan’s second vice president Mahmoud Saikal visited developmental projects in Chabahar Free Trade and Industrial Zone in the southern Sistan-Baluchestan Province on Wednesday. He was accompanied by a German delegation from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The visitors shared their views on expanding economic and trade cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan during joint meetings with deputy governor of Sistan-Baluchestan and Governor of Chabahar Ahmad Ali Mouhebati, general director of Maritime Affairs in the province, Siavash Rezvani, and deputy head of CFTIZ, Shahrokh Ansari, IRNA reported.

“We suggest that the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran appoint a permanent or temporary representative in the Kabul Chamber of Commerce so that Afghan traders and businessmen can be informed of the facilities and funds offered by the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said Saikal.

Noting that Afghan traders are reluctant to pass through Pakistan due to political complications and are looking for an alternative path across Iran, Saikal said an international conference on Chabahar Port and its influence on both nations can promote mutual economic cooperation.

Presenting a report on the performance of the free port, Rezvani emphasized the necessity of further expanding maritime and road transit between Iran and Afghanistan.

“One of the main purposes of developmental projects in this port is to accommodate Afghanistan and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States),” he said.