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Aquaculture Project With France

Aquaculture Project With FranceAquaculture Project With France

In an aquaculture project between Iran and France, the first marine fish reproduction center is to be launched on Qeshm Island under the auspices of Iran Fisheries Organization affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, said Hossein Abdolhay, the director of Fish Reproduction and Stock Enhancement Department at IFO. “A total of $1.98 million (65 billion rials) have been allocated to the project, which will be financed by the National Development Fund of Iran,” he was quoted by IRNA as saying. He added that the project underway is part of the IFO’s development plans that aim to switch from producing freshwater fish to saltwater (or marine) fish to meet the need for fingerlings. “Nearly €2 million have been invested in the plan by both sides and the French side has agreed to bring in their latest technologies to build the center,” Abdolhay explained. The center will have the capacity to produce 10 million fingerlings per annum.