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Tehran, Doha Working to Solve Visa Issue

Tehran, Doha Working to Solve Visa IssueTehran, Doha Working to Solve Visa Issue

Many Iranian traders active in Qatar have seen their visas expire without being able to renew them, as officials from both countries met to address the issue.

Iran’s Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Ali Rabiei met his Qatari counterpart Abdullah Saleh Mobarak al-Khulaifi on Wednesday in an international conference on labor issues.

 “Our two countries enjoy cultural and religious commonalities and under no pretext should anyone be allowed to undermine this relationship, and in particular, our long-term interests,” IRNA quoted Rabiei as saying.

Al-Khulaifi said: “We will do our best to resolve the problem of Iranian traders as fast as possible. The issue should under no circumstance affect our friendly relations with Iran.”

Qatar has a very strict labor regime and does not easily issue visas to foreigners.

Trade between the two oil-producing countries has tilted in favor of Iran over the past years as sanctions have inhibited Qatar from exporting to its northern neighbor in the Persian Gulf (see graph).

Oil pipes and carpets make up one third of Iran’s exports to Doha, while its largest import product is medicine.