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Advantages of Trading With Kish

Advantages of Trading With KishAdvantages of Trading With Kish

About 450,000 tons of goods, including more than 410,000 tons of non-oil goods, were loaded and unloaded in Kish Free Zone located in the southern Hormozgan Province during the first two months of the current Iranian year (started March 21), which indicates a 2-percent rise compared to the similar period of a year before, according to head of the island’s Port and Maritime Organization, Mahmoud Qanbari, IRNA reported. No entry visa requirement, 20-year tax exemption for any kind of economic activity, 100 percent foreign ownership, exemption from customs duty on imported raw materials and machinery for the manufacturing units, simple procedure for reexport and transit of goods, and proximity to the Asaluyeh oil-rich region are among the advantages the Kish Free Zone offers.