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S. Ossetia Trade Delegation in Golestan

S. Ossetia Trade Delegation in GolestanS. Ossetia Trade Delegation in Golestan

South Ossetia’s deputy president Alan Tekhov, who is heading a business delegation to Iran’s Golestan Province, said on Sunday that his government is seeking to expand trade ties with Iran via the northern province. “Doing trade with Golestan is a privilege for South Ossetia,” IRNA quoted Tekhov as saying. For his part, Chairman of Golestan chamber of commerce, industries, mines and agriculture, Ramezanali Bahrami, said Iran is ready to expand business ties with South Ossetia, adding that a business delegation from the province will visit South Ossetia in the near future. Tekhov is accompanied by a number of high ranking government officials including Minister of Agriculture Vitaly Pliev and deputy chairman of South Ossetia’s Chamber of Commerce Robert Biazro.