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Private Sector to Reinvigorate Canada Ties

Private Sector to Reinvigorate Canada TiesPrivate Sector to Reinvigorate Canada Ties

Iran and Canada’s trade relations, once severed by political animosity, is expected to take a new turn with the Iranian private sector gearing up to introduce to the Canadians the possibilities of doing business with Iran.

“It is time to end the hiatus in Iran-Canada trade ties,” an official with Iran International Exhibitions Company, Mohammad Javad Ghanbari said, referring to the ‘Made in Iran Expo’ which is scheduled to be held in Canada later in September.

“Iran chamber of commerce, industries and mines, as a representative of the Iranian private sector, is seeking to establish and reinvigorate trade relations with the world, particularly in the North America region,” he was quoted by IRNA as saying.

A board member at Iran chamber of commerce, Hooman Hajipour, noted that the chamber is seeking to actively participate in important international events to introduce investment opportunities in Iran.

 “To that effect, the chamber has started extensive negotiations with businesspeople and entrepreneurs from influential countries,” he added.

He deemed the upcoming exhibition in Canada as an important event for introducing Iran’s investment and trade opportunities.

Head of Iran’s Communication and Information Technology Associations Reza Tala highlighted the role of 600,000 Iranian expatriates in Canada in boosting bilateral trade relations, noting that the upcoming exhibition in Canada is aimed at introducing Iran’s capacities in IT, gold and jewelry, handicrafts, nuts and precious stones.

Foreign relations and diplomatic ties between Canada and Iran began with the founding of an Iranian mission in Ottawa in 1956 and a Canadian mission in Tehran in 1959. The Canadian mission was granted embassy status in 1961.

On September 7, 2012, Canada suspended diplomatic relations with Iran by closing its embassy in Tehran and expelling all Iranian diplomats from Ottawa.