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Imports From US Rising

Imports From US RisingImports From US Rising

The United States exported $74.2 million worth of goods to Iran in the first quarter of 2015, which indicates a 72 percent increase compared to the similar period a year before, according to data released by US Department of Commerce, as reported by Tasnim news agency.

The statistics show that Iran was 110th export destination for the US in terms of the value of the exports in the three-month period.

US exports to Iran amounted to $182.1 million in 2014, which showed a 41 percent decrease compared to a year before.

In the meantime, according to Iran’s Customs Administration (ICA), Iran exported close to $195.6 million worth of goods to the United States over the past Iranian calendar year (ended March 20).

The exports mainly included timber, multi-layer plywood and of watches and clocks.

The imports included commodities such as butter, refined corn oil, processed food, industrial oil, human and animal blood, surgical thread as well as medicine.