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Hunt for New Talent at Job Fair

Hunt for New Talent at Job Fair
Hunt for New Talent at Job Fair

The 4th national job fair kicked off in Tehran’s prestigious Sharif University of Technology, hosting as many as 45 companies which are there to identify elite university graduates and other talented jobseekers.  

Most of the companies attending the fair are the ones with modern approaches in marketing and entrepreneurship, the event organizers said.

Last year, over 10,000 people visited the 3rd job fair and this year 1,000 jobs are being offered to jobseekers and university students, most of which are highly skilled occupations or jobs related to marketing and business development, Mohammad Sharifkhani, the secretary for the fair, told Financial Tribune.

Sharifkhani, who is also a university professor at SUT, said although Iranian universities have had a great performance in producing knowledge and developing scientific projects, most university graduates are not properly briefed on the industry sector and the job market.

“That is why they have a very limited insight of the criteria that can put them in the category of hirable workforce”, added Sharifkhani.

Many of the companies attending the fair have been established based on startups and almost all of them have valuable experiences regarding entrepreneurship. They increase access to latest entrepreneurship training programs on a regular basis, improve regulations and policies related to entrepreneurship, and support development of accelerators and business incubators based on the best international practices.

 More than half of the country’s population is aged between 15 and 40 and they are familiar with modern technology, including internet. This is a factor which helps create many new jobs and develop big markets based on the capacities of internet and smart phone technologies.

The seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs attending the job fair are trying to hunt elite graduates or people with foundational skills, capabilities, and ideas in a job-specific context.

  The organizers of the fair said it is aimed at helping jobseekers and university graduates to find out which skills they need to have in order to be employed by leading companies. That is why many visitors instantly decide to attend courses on entrepreneurship or training courses on how to develop new ideas which could lead to a successful business in the third millennium.

The event organizers apparently pay special attention to training those who have not yet completed their university studies. The fair aims at helping the graduates to enter the job market directly and encouraging them to unleash their potentials and innovative ideas.