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More Flights Over Iran

More Flights Over IranMore Flights Over Iran

The number of international flights passing over Iran’s airspace rose 92.4 percent during the month of Shahrivar (August 23–September 22) as compared to the similar period last year, deputy CEO for aeronautical operations at Iran Airports Company (IAC) told FNA on Monday. The number of international flights routed over Iran surpassed 930 on September 20, 2014, setting a new record, Ebrahim Shoushtari said.  Last July, Iran accepted a request from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to open its airspace as an alternative route for flights from northern Europe destined for East Asia. Iran announced that its airspace can be a safe path for the flights departing Australia or southeastern Asia heading towards Europe. The flights can pass the Iranian airspace to land in Turkey, Armenia, Black Sea and Romania, after flying over Afghanistan and India.