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Assaluyeh Challenges

Assaluyeh ChallengesAssaluyeh Challenges

There are currently 1,500 oil companies in southern port city of Asaluyeh, while, about 1,200 of the educated indigenous inhabitants are currently unemployed, deputy chairman of the local council told ILNA on Sunday. “All the unemployed applicants will have jobs if each of the existing companies hires them,” Kamali said. Assaluyeh residents also suffer disproportionately from air pollution, which is estimated to be 100 times more than that of Tehran, however, the government has stopped applying the pollution abatement related to value added for the local industries due to several manufacturers claiming that they have received Green Industry certificates from the Department of Environment. Assaluyeh is located in the southern province of Bushehr and is best known as the main onshore area for the PSEEZ (Pars Special Energy Economic Zone) area.