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African Envoys Tour Shahid Rajaee Port

African Envoys Tour Shahid Rajaee Port
African Envoys Tour Shahid Rajaee Port

In a visit to Hormozgan Province, African diplomats named Iran as “the best and the most reliable route to transit grains from Central Asia to East Africa”, IRNA reported on Friday.

A group of African ambassadors from countries including Egypt, Tunisia, Uganda, Kenya, and Comoros paid a visit to Shahid Rajaee port in Bandar Abbas - the capital of Hormozgan province - to improve commercial ties regarding the port’s strategic location, transit infrastructures, and industries.

The Ugandan ambassador to Tehran, Mohammad Ahmad Kissule, referred to widening economic relations and enhancement of cooperation with Iran as an important preference for east African countries.

“We consider this visit a turning point in transactions between Iran and Africa and we will implement executive measures in the near future,” he said.

Kissule underscored that Iran’s economic capacities are still unrecognized despite the country’s longstanding record in shipping activities and international trade.

On the sidelines of this visit, Hormozgan ports and shipping director general, Ibrahim Idani, emphasized the key role of Shahid Rajaee Port, describing it as Iran’s “economic golden gate.” He referred to the $1 billion investment which has been made in this special economic zone (SEZ) by the private sector.

“Shahid Rajaee port is poised to attract investments of foreign companies and governments and seeks to be twinned with some African ports and free or economic zones to provide technical and engineering services,” he said.

The southern port is the biggest commercial port in the country with 2400 hectares of land.

Hormozgan province has more than 2400 kilometers of sea border with shores in both Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea. It is close to the Strait of Hormuz, the most important maritime trade route.