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Mining Accidents Down 40%

Mining Accidents Down 40%Mining Accidents Down 40%

The number of mining accidents in Iran reduced by 40 percent in the past Iranian calendar year (ended March 20) compared with the previous year, head of mines supervision bureau in the ministry of industry, mine and trade, Vahid Abedini told ISNA, anticipating as much as 70 percent decline in the number of such incidents in the current Iranian year. Noting that the ministry of industry, mine and trade has successfully implemented measures to impose stricter supervision on mine safety, Abedini said the ministry has formed a joint working group with the ministry of cooperatives, labor and social affairs to improve mine safety. In addition to imposing stricter supervision, the official noted that the ministry has provided incentives to small-scale mines to help them improve their safety equipment, while compelling mines with more than 25 personnel to recruit technical and safety officials.