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Kiwi Powder: Untapped Investment Opportunity

Kiwi Powder: Untapped Investment Opportunity
Kiwi Powder: Untapped Investment Opportunity

Iran produces about 180,000 tons of kiwi fruit annually, about 5 percent or 9,000 tons of which is spoiled due to demand fluctuations in the domestic and international markets. This has given rise to new investment opportunities in food processing industries to manufacture products such as kiwi powder in the northern provinces of Iran.

The food processing industry is globally regarded as the best solution for creating value addition to the agricultural or horticultural products, in addition to creating job opportunities and reducing food spoilage. An article published by Persian daily Ta’adol investigates the investment opportunities in the kiwi powder production industry in Iran.

Pointing out the vast opportunities for investment in food processing industries in Iran, deputy secretary of the Farmers’ House, Enayatollah Biabani noted that it would not only lead to less food spoilage, but could help boost the level of agricultural production thus leading to development in the agricultural sector. He encouraged investment in kiwi powder production, noting that it would help reduce losses due to fluctuations in market demand and create value addition in the sector.

  Manufacturing Process

Kiwi fruit powder is made from green kiwi fruit puree that is dried using low temperature process. According to the article, kiwi powder is used in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The best place for setting up kiwi powder manufacturing units in Iran is in the northern province of Mazandaran due to easy access to kiwi fruit farms. Tonekabon, Abbasabad and Ramsar cities are the main kiwi producing hubs in the province and together account for about 90 percent of the country’s production of the fruit. Setting up kiwi powder manufacturing units near these cities would also reduce the transportation costs considerably.

Iran’s first kiwi powder manufacturing unit is currently being constructed by Khoshkehdaran Nashtasepehr Company near Tonekabon and is expected to become operational within a year. Speaking to Ta’adol newspaper, a board member of the company noted that as the product is being introduced in Iran’s market for the very first time; market research has been conducted prior to starting the project. He expressed hope that the manufacturing plant would help reduce fruit spoilage.

As it is with all new products, market analysis is an essential requirement before investing in the kiwi powder manufacturing industry. But the high level of kiwi fruit production in the country and the limited competition in food processing industries for the green fruit provide an untapped opportunity for investors in the market.