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S. Khorasan Gateway to Trade With Afghanistan

S. Khorasan Gateway to Trade With AfghanistanS. Khorasan Gateway to Trade With Afghanistan

South Khorasan Province is a suitable and secure gateway for trade development between Iran and Afghanistan, Afghan ambassador to Iran, Nasir Ahmad Nour said on Sunday, adding: “Afghanistan is on the path to development and nothing can hamper its trade relations with Iran.”  

“Afghanistan has vast potential in the agricultural and mining sectors, which could attract large private investments,” the envoy was quoted by IRNA as saying, addressing a meeting with a group of Iranian merchants in the eastern province.

The value of exports from South Khorasan to Afghanistan amounts to over $600 million per year, said Ahmad Nour, indicating that nearly a third of Iran’s exports to Afghanistan come from the eastern province.

Noting that trade with the Iran is cheaper for Afghans compared with other countries, he called on the Iranian traders to seize the opportunity and overtake rivals in the Afghan market.

In another development, governor of South Khorasan Province, Vajhollah Khedmatgozar, said on Sunday that the provincial officials are keen to expand trade ties with Afghanistan based on the previously signed agreements.

In a meeting with Ahmad Nour on Sunday, Khedmatgozar highlighted South Khorasan Province’s capacities in the areas of economy, science, technology and culture as the third largest province of Iran.

“Technical and engineering capacities of South Khorasan can be used develop Afghan infrastructure,” the governor suggested.

He also noted that the province is prepared to admit students from Afghanistan and to provide vocational training courses in Afghanistan.