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Iran’s Tiny Share in Global Halal Market

Iran’s Tiny Share in Global Halal Market
Iran’s Tiny Share in Global Halal Market

Iran accounts for less than one percent of the global market for Halal foods, according to member of parliament and head of the parliament’s Social Commission, Abdolreza Azizi.

The total value of Iranian Halal products amounts to $300 million, while the global Halal market is valued at $500 billion, said the lawmaker, speaking at a conference on food preservatives on Saturday, IRNA reported.

Regretting that Iran’s share in the global trade of Halal food is not consistent with the country’s huge potential, Azizi called on the government to expand Iran’s global trade.  

Iranian food products are recognized the world over for their quality, nutrition value and long-preservation time, said the MP, lamenting that the traditional Iranian eating habits is gradually giving way to consuming industrialized products and foreign brands.

He also blamed the government’s policies of importing low quality frozen meat from Brazil, stating that he is personally following up the issue.

Practicing Muslims are required to eat Halal food, the production of which has to follow certain guidelines.

Malaysia is currently the largest global exporter of Halal food products.