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Identifying High Earners

Identifying High EarnersIdentifying High Earners

“The government will identify high-income households [to be excluded from the cash subsidy list] based on the place of residence, household size and income level,” Member of Parliament’s Joint Commission, Abuzar Nadimi announced on Saturday. The commission on Saturday held a working group with a representative from the Guardia Council of the Constitution to resolve the ambiguities in the budget bill for the upcoming Iranian year (starting March 21), IRNA reported. As part of the subsidy reform plan, passed by the parliament on January 5, 2010, a monthly sum of 455,000 rials ($13 at official exchange rate) is paid to all Iranians. The parliament recently lowered the cap for the total cash subsidies anticipated in the proposed budget bill for the upcoming Iranian year, compelling the government to exclude high earners from the subsidy list.