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China Top Exporter to Iran

China Top Exporter  to IranChina Top Exporter  to Iran

China has been the biggest exporter to Iran over the past 11 months of the current Iranian year (to end March 20), exporting $11.58 billion worth of goods during the period, ISNA cited data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) on Saturday. The news agency went on to say that the United Arab Emirates with $11.21 billion, South Korea with $3.90 billion, Turkey with $3.49 billion and India with $3.46 were in a descending order the other biggest exporters to Iran. Other countries exported a combined total of $14.59 billion worth of goods during the 11-month period. The imported goods were valued at an average of $1,268 per metric ton, registering a 13.33% decline compared to the similar period last year.