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Visa Agreement With Iraq

Visa Agreement With Iraq Visa Agreement With Iraq

Head of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce, Jahanbakhsh Sanjabi said visa requirement for both Iranian and Iraqi traders will soon be lifted within a specific time frame, as per the agreements reached during the official visit by Iran’s First Vice President, Es’haq Jahangiri to Iraq in February, IRNA reported.

“Traders will be provided with special trade cards, valid for a period of up to three years, which can be used in place of normal visas,” said Sanjabi, expressing hope that the two countries would waver visa requirements for all citizens in the near future.  

Referring to the sudden increase in tariff rates imposed by Iraq’s customs authorities on importing Iranian commodities, he said: “As per a law passed by the Iraqi government last year, the government is set to increase the import tariff rates by 50% in the beginning of each year for a period of five years.”

“The move would lead to a reduction in trade activities between the two countries until the market adjusts to the new rates, but the decline in trade would only be temporary,” he said.