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Weak Presence in Iraqi Market

Weak Presence in Iraqi MarketWeak Presence in Iraqi Market

Although Iranian commodities are well received in the Iraqi cities such as Najaf, Karbala and Baghdad, they are not properly presented in the Iraqi market, a senior official at the ministry of industry, mine and trade, Mehdi Sadeghi Niaraki, said on Monday. “The market for hygienic and cosmetic products in Iraq is occupied by Turkey,” he was quoted by IRNA as saying. In 2014, Iran exported to Iraq nearly 800 metric tons of cosmetics worth $2.2 million, while its exports of hygienic products to the neighboring country amounted to 118 metric tons worth $81 million, he added.  The official also noted that Iran’s total exports of hygienic and cosmetic products to its trading partners amounted to 172,000 and 1,300 metric tons respectively.