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Tehran-Tbilisi Cooperation

Tehran-Tbilisi CooperationTehran-Tbilisi Cooperation

The coordination meeting on the 5th Summit of Iran-Georgia Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation was held in Tehran on Friday, Mehr news agency reported. Deputy minister of cooperatives, labor and social affairs, Taghi Hosseini, and Georgian ambassador to Iran Ioseb Chakhvashvili attended the meeting. Tehran and Tbilisi are keen to boost bilateral cooperation and have already taken steps toward realizing this goal. The 6th meeting of Iran-Georgia Joint Commission on International Transportation Cooperation was held last week to review possible transit routes between the two countries and reduce the transit time and costs, during which Iran and Georgia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on passenger and goods transportation. Georgia negotiated the issue of having its trucks fueled in Iranian territory and announced its willingness to ease the export of Iranian commodities to Europe via Poti and Batumi ports.