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Investment in PGSEZ

Investment  in PGSEZ Investment  in PGSEZ

The Persian Gulf Special Economic Industrial and Mining Zone (PGSEZ) has attracted $9 billion in domestic and foreign investments over the past decade, Managing Director of PGSEZ, Masoud Hendian told IRNA on Wednesday, adding that out of the total investments, $3.2 billion were made towards projects which have already become operational while another $5.8 billion has been invested in semi-finished projects. He also said negations are underway for a further $2 billion investment in multiple manufacturing projects in the near future. Located near the strategic Strait of Hormoz, PGSEZ is one of the premier industrial zones of Iran, featuring four giant steel production plants with about 5 million tons capacity and two aluminum production complexes with a total capacity of 247,000 tons as well as many other upstream and downstream industries.