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Tajik Envoy Discusses Coop. in Markazi Province

Tajik Envoy Discusses Coop. in Markazi ProvinceTajik Envoy Discusses Coop. in Markazi Province

Tajik Ambassador to Tehran Nematollah Imamzadeh called for the expansion of bilateral cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan in economic investments, during his visit to Arak, the capital of Markazi Province in central Iran on Monday.

“The cultural, historical and ideological similarities between Iran and Tajikistan could be viewed as an opportunity for boosting economic prosperity in both countries,” said Imamzadeh, who praised the efforts of the Iranian people and government in moving towards economic self-sufficiency, despite the economic sanctions (imposed on Iran by the West over its nuclear energy program), IRNA reported.

Observing that Iran has high capacities in the area of engineering and technical services, he invited the Iranians to invest in Tajikistan, such as the Sughd Free Economic Areas located in the southwest industrial zone of the city of Khujand.

The diplomat, who was accompanied by the commercial counselor of the embassy and the head of Sughd area investment department, expressed hope that his visit will prove effective in strengthening bilateral relations.

Attending the Markazi Province export development working group, meeting with traders and industrialists and visiting three industrial and manufacturing companies in the province were some of the programs scheduled during the visit of the Tajik ambassador and his accompanying delegates.

Head of Markazi Province governor’s office, Shokrollah Hassan-Beigi spoke about the capacities of Markazi province, saying it is regarded as an agricultural and industrial hub of the country.

He also referred to the agricultural activities in Markazi, noting that having experienced extended draughts over the past years, the province is now moving towards modern irrigation techniques. He mentioned pistachio, pomegranate, melon, onion, beans and flowers as the province’s major agricultural products.

Hassan-Beigi also referred to the province’s tourism attractions and vast mineral resources.

Iran’s trade with Tajikistan registered more than $268 million in exports and $16 million in imports in 2014.

Iran’s exports to Tajikistan mainly include aluminum oxide, detergents, cement, pistachio, paint, polymer sheets, medicine, construction glass and agricultural machinery.

The main goods imported from Tajikistan to Iran include aluminum alloys, cotton, copper water and sesame seeds.