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Self-Sufficiency in Chicken, Dairy Products

Self-Sufficiency in Chicken, Dairy ProductsSelf-Sufficiency in Chicken, Dairy Products

Iran has become self-sufficient in chicken farming and producing dairy products, ILNA quoted Minister of Agricultural Jihad Mahmoud Hojjati as saying. The minister added that as a major world player, Iran produces 2.4 million tons of white meat and can increase its capacity by 30-40 percent. According to official data, there are currently more than 23,000 active chicken farms in the country. In the first six months of the current year (to end March 20), the export of chicken meat registered an increase of 80% compared to the same period last year. Given the excessive amount of farmed chicken meat produced domestically, providing export incentives can facilitate the export of this product. About 10 to 15 thousand tons of chicken meat is exported to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan every year. Russia is set to join the list after reaching agreement on the prices.