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Raja’ee Port Development

Raja’ee Port DevelopmentRaja’ee Port Development

The private sector has invested 12 trillion rials (about $434 million) in Shahid Raja’ee port so far this year (to end March 21), CEO of Ports and Marine Organization (PMO), Ebrahim Idani said in a meeting on Saturday. The investment has been made mainly to construct oil and container terminals as well as water purifiers, he added. Shahid Raja’ee port, about 14.5 kilometers southwest of Bandar Abbas – the capital of Hormozgan Province – is one of the most important commercial hubs in the Middle East. With 2,400 hectares of land, the port handles 70 million tons of cargo every year. Shaheed Raja’ee accounts for nearly 85 percent of the country’s containerized cargo and 60 percent of total cargo transit.