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Plan to Produce Cars in Iraq

Plan to Produce Cars in IraqPlan to Produce Cars in Iraq

Baghdad has welcomed Tehran’s proposal for establishing industrial towns and an auto manufacturing company in Iraq to produce cars under the banner of Iraqi brands, ISNA reported.

In a meeting between Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Mohammad-Reza Nematzadeh and Iraq’s Minister of Trade, Abdulkarim Malas al-Kasnazani held in Baghdad on Tuesday, both parties agreed to expand bilateral cooperation in various areas.  Conducting joint industrial investments, exchange of delegations and reconstruction of Iraq’s old and dilapidated industries were the major issues discussed by the two officials. Iraq also acknowledged Iran’s National Standard Organization (INSO) as a qualified standardization body and announced that Iranian commodities that have undergone necessary quality checks by INSO do not need any further quality tests in Iraq for export.