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Iranian Gov’t Aims to Send 20,000 Workers to Qatar

Gov’t Aims to Send 20,000 Workers to QatarGov’t Aims to Send 20,000 Workers to Qatar

Boosting the level of economic activities in the region and improving economic relations with the neighboring countries is high on top of the government’s agenda, reiterated minister of cooperatives, labor and social affairs, Ali Rabi’ie, who is currently in Qatar to meet with the country’s officials and discuss expansion of economic relations.

The minister, who is on a three-day official trip to Qatar, inaugurated the Exclusive Exhibition Of Iranian Products in Doha along with Qatar’s Minister of Economy and Trade, Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani on Sunday, IRNA reported.

Expansion of bilateral trade and economic cooperation with neighbor countries, establishing free trade zones, connecting the transportation network including railways and reinstating the exports were cited by the minister as the main objectives of the government.

Recalling that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between the two countries’ labor ministries when Qatar’s Minister of Labor, Abdullah Salih al-Khalifi traveled to Tehran last month, Rabi’ie said the exhibition of Iranian products in Doha is an outcome of the agreement.

He noted that Iran has already started exporting to Qatar in areas including iron and steel, ceramics and tiles, cement and food products and observed that the trend is “progressive.”

“Construction activities in Qatar are on the rise as the country will be hosting the FIFA World,” said Rabi’ie, adding: “Sending 20,000 or more Iranian workers to Qatar is an important issue being pursued by the government.”

He described the Iranian products’ exhibition in Doha as a good platform for the Iranian companies to showcase their capabilities and seize the opportunities.

The Exclusive Exhibition of Iranian Products in Doha opened on Sunday (February 15) and will go on till February 19. The exhibition showcases products of more than 100 Iranian companies. Construction industry, equipments and machinery, metals and steel, oil, gas and petrochemicals, water and electricity, furniture, technical and engineering services, food and agriculture are some of the sectors participating in the event.

The Persian Carpet and Handicraft Exhibition is also running parallel with the Iranian Products Exhibition in the Persian Gulf Emirate.