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Labor Leader Criticizes Gov’t

Labor Leader Criticizes Gov’tLabor Leader Criticizes Gov’t

Harshly criticizing the ministry of labor and social affairs for its perceived shortcomings, secretary-general of Labor Coalition Alireza Mahjoob has described the Rouhani administration’s policies regarding the job market as “obscure”, Khabar Online reported.Adding that “the issue of employment needs effective policymaking and support rather than budgets and funds,” Mahjoob said that government officials have not yet been able to deliver a comprehensive employment plan, and are dodging the matter by blaming the central bank and Management and Planning Organization of Iran (MPO). “Credit policies should not precede major policies concerning employment,” said the secretary-general describing entrepreneurship as “the main issue.” “If the government has a plan for the job market, it should explain what it entails regarding various sectors including mines or tourism,” Mahjoob added. He accused the government of exploiting dead-end strategies just like the previous administration.  “Unless the government can offer a roadmap regardless of budgets or credits, it will have taken no practical action to reduce unemployment.”