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181KT of Commodities at IME

181KT of Commodities at IME181KT of Commodities at IME

The Iran Mercantile Exchange saw more than 181,000 tons of various commodities on the spot market on Saturday’s trading, IME’s Public Relations and Foreign Affairs Office reported.

About 2,000 tons first-grade frozen chicken was offered on the agricultural trading floor on the week’s first trading day. In addition, 1,775 tons of corn from East Azerbaijan province, with the base price of 9,200 rials per kg, as well as 5,000 tons of corn from Qazvin province, priced at 8,500 rials per kg were put up on the floor’s board.

Esfahan Steel Company offered 20,000 tons of rebar bundles, with the base price of 15,750 rials per kg on the industrial and mining trading floor. Moreover, Almahdi Hormozal Aluminum Company put 1,600 tons of alloy ingots, with the base price of 70,136 rials per kg, and 200 tons of coke priced at 8,200 rials per kg, on the board for potential customers.

Elsewhere on the oil and petrochemical trading floor, 60,440 tons of various grades of bitumen, 25,536 tons of petrochemical commodities, 10,000 tons of lube-cut oil, and 30,000 tons of vacuum bottoms were offered to local customers.