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Report Says Iran’s Internet Remains Last

Report Says Iran’s  Internet Remains LastReport Says Iran’s  Internet Remains Last

Akamai, a company renowned for analyzing internet take-up, has painted a poor picture in its latest report for internet speeds and connectivity in Iran in the third quarter of 2014. According to the report, countries around the world have failed to meet international standards with regards to streaming new 4K HD television Iran is included as one of the worst performers.

In mobile connections, Iran has achieved last place, with an average internet speed 0.9Mbps. The peak highest average speeds was 3.3Mbps in Iran on a good day, while at the other end of the scale, Singapore got 98Mbps.

Only four countries had 1 percent or fewer mobile lines above 4Mbps, the report says. Adoption rates for mobile technology are currently standing at below 1.0% in Iran. Countries in Europe, East Asia and South America are also in the same category of slow adoption of new technologies.

Using data generated by Akamai’s Intelligent Platform, which handles two trillion requests each day, Akamai says it is uniquely placed to see patterns in global internet data. The report looks at internet connection speeds, broadband adoption, attack traffic, IPv4 exhaustion, IPv6 adoption, and any other emerging trends in the data – across both wireless and fixed infrastructure. Even Ericsson gets to pitch in with its observations on voice and data traffic growth on mobile networks.

In the fixed line sector, the global average connection speed dropped 2.8 percent to 4.5Mbps, and the global average peak connection speed fell 2.3 percent to 24.8Mbps. South Korea continued its dominance, with the highest average connection speed of 25.3Mbps, while Hong Kong claimed the highest average peak speed of 84.6Mbps.