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4 State Firms Going Public

4 State Firms Going Public4 State Firms Going Public

The initial public offerings of four government-owned companies will be launched on Febraury 17, Iran Provitaization Organization (IPO) reported. Close to 90 million shares of Kermanshah Oil Refining Company, accounting for almost 60 percent of its total shares, will be offered via the IPO, based on 76,235 rials per share. In addition, the total ownership of the Green Electrical Power Generation Company of Manjil will be turned over to potential buyers via offering of 300 million shares with the base price of 1,1085 rials per share. Moreover, close to 90 million shares of Industries Renovation Company of Iran (100 percent ownership) will be offered to the public, with the base price of 2,032 rials per share. Teklar Construction Company’s creation units, each containing 509 shares, (33.93 percent of the ownership) will also be offered with the base price of 2,516 rials per share.