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Special Doctors’ Account

Special Doctors’ AccountSpecial Doctors’ Account

Bank Saderat has announced it will now offer special services for people who work in the medical sector, Banker news reported.

The new offer primarily aimed at doctors and nurses across the country will be available in the coming weeks.

The new account called “Sky Treasures” aims to show the bank’s appreciation for medical industry workers by offering customers long-term deposit rates whilst also offering customers the chance to add and take money out of the account without facing a financial penalty.

The new service is different from ones offered previously to medical professionals as they were charged 50 basis points when withdrawing early.

According to Bank Saderat, the account will be offered on a 12-month roll over period which can be renewed on an annual basis. The interest rate will be determined at the beginning of each 12 month period.

People wishing to open the new account should have a minimum opening deposit payment of 10 million rials. The customer must also pay a regular monthly payment into the account to keep the special services active.

The Sky treasures account is also available to academics, whether that be in schools or higher education, and members of the clerical establishment.