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Int’l Mining Conference in Tehran

Int’l Mining Conference in TehranInt’l Mining Conference in Tehran

The Iranian Mining Engineering Organization held a one-day international conference on processing minerals, underground mining, and tunnels on Tuesday, which was attended by experts from Germany, Austria, and South Africa.

“The conference is held with the cooperation of the German company Schmidt Krauss”, IRNA quoted Hormoz Nasernia, the head of the organization as saying on Tuesday.

Nasernia described tunnel boring as a crucial operation in capital projects, saying that professional engineering data on tunnel boring could be very helpful for the Iranian mining and civil companies.

According to Nasernia, processing the minerals is one of the most important parts of the mining activities which has been neglected for decades. He emphasized that investment in this sphere, including titanium processing, could substantially increase the value added for the mining companies.

He also partly blamed the western anti-Iran sanctions for the absence of modern technologies in the mining sector, adding that the participation of foreign companies and institutes could lead to introduction of new technologies in Iran’s mines.