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EDBI to Revise Rates

EDBI to Revise RatesEDBI to Revise Rates

The Director of the Export Development Bank of Iran, Ali Salehabadi in the first meeting of the board of directors of the bank in recent weeks announced a new macro policy review and revision of interest rates.

According to Banker news, Salehabadi said future interest rates of the bank will be set according to the directives of the Central Bank of Iran.

The director went on to say that the review of interest rate offers is necessary considering the current economic climate.

He said it is essential for the bank’s credit policy, beyond merely looking at the collateral, such as export-oriented projects, banking flexibility, the volatility of the prices (particularly oil prices) and the analysis of the business environment.

The EDBI is an export credit agency, which is totally owned by the Iranian government, providing financing and risk management services to Iranian exporters and investors. It has foreign permanent offices.