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Music to Your Ears

Music to Your EarsMusic to Your Ears

The smart phone application industry in Iran has taken another leap into the dark recently. A new app developed by graduates from Tabriz and Sooreh universities lets users take control of their music around you. Cafetunes, as it’s called, was developed by Siavash Ahmadpour, Pejman Takdaghan and Ali Zargar. The interesting thing about this new application is how users can interact with it.

The mobile app will let users control their music online, and with the advent of 3G, 4G and LTE mobile internet the service is likely to pick up quickly in the Iranian capital city. Cafetunes’ website states that the mobile phone app lets users choose music that’s being played in the places that use this service and “to deliver the value of finding places with a similar music taste to hang out and spend time.” The users can than find out who has as similar taste to their chosen style of music and can meet up over coffee, the website adds.  

Initially only available in Tehran, the website developers hope to roll the app out nationwide – mobile internet permitting. Cafetunes’ first cafe deal was with Cofeyshe Café in central Tehran, which is reportedly a busy drop-in.  

Ideally this new social network hybrid is for users using any mobile phone platform; however, some like windows phone are less likely to get support considering their overall market share in the Iranian market.

Cafetunes for the sake of impartiality is also one of the initial groups of start-up companies working with Tehran’s accelerator program, Avatech. As part of the fledgling business accelerator program, new budding business people are offered an initial round of funding called “seed funding,” which starts their business. The Avatech accelerator also mentors the new business owners and steer them through the pitfalls of new business startups.