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IME’s Wednesday Trade

IME’s Wednesday TradeIME’s Wednesday Trade

Some 255,000 tons of commodities were offered in Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) on Wednesday, reported IME’s public relations and international affairs.

Around 26,800 tons of bitumen were offered on the export trading floor of the IME by three different companies. On the same trading floor, Sangan Iron Ore Complex offered 100,000 tons of iron ore pellets at $22 per metric ton.

On the industrial and mineral trading floor, Esfahan Steel Company offered 20,980 metric tons of rebar (reinforcing bars) bundles, corner sections, and steel channels at 16,800 rials per kilogram. Iran Alloy Steel Company also offered 1,150 metric tons of rebar bundles size A3-16-25 at 15,900 rials per kilogram. The buyers on the floor also saw 1,000 metric tons of 1000-pound ingots of grade 99.5 registered on the board which were offered at 75,158 rials by Almahdi Aluminum Company as well as 10 kilograms of gold bars offered by Mooteh Gold Mine.

The major commodities offered and traded on the oil and petrochemical products trading floor were ortho-xylene, acetic acid, terephthalic acid, sulfuric acid, linear alkylbenzene, industrial urea, benzene, bicarbonate, and diethanolamine. Moreover, some 54,600 metric tons of different types of bitumen, 27,000 metric tons of vacuum bottom, and 1,700 metric tons of sulfur were offered on the same floor.