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Polymers on Top at IME Trade

Polymers on Top at IME TradePolymers on Top at IME Trade

Iran’s local petrochemical complexes offered close to 45 grades of various polymers on the oil and petrochemical trading floor of Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) at Tuesday’s trading.

IME’s oil and petrochemical trading floor played host to almost 56,501 tons of different petrochemical commodities as per market demands; announced the IME’s public relations and foreign affairs office on Tuesday.

Styrene butadiene rubber, polyvinyl chloride, light and heavy polyethylene, and polyethylene terephthalate for textile and chemical were among the polymers supplied on the board. In addition, 30,300 tons of bitumen of various grades were offered by the Jey Oil Refining Company (JOC). Around 10,000 tons of vacuum bottoms and 2,000 tons of granulated sulfur were among other commodities offered at the board.

The export trading floor also witnessed 91,000 tons of bitumen products offered by the JOC and 4,650 tons of bitumen for overseas markets by other local suppliers.

Close to 30,000 tons of bloom, with the base price of 14,050 rials per kg was offered by Khuzestan Steel Company on the industrial and mining trading floor. However, based on the market demand, another 70,000 tons was announced in stock for potential customers. Furthermore, 1,200 tons of various alloy ingot and 400 tons of steel billet were supplied by Iran Aluminum Company.

The agricultural trading floor didn’t record a bustling trading day with only 200 tons of white sugar, priced 21,000 rials per kg, offered to local customers.

A total of 297,000 tons of various commodities were offered on the spot market at IME trading board on Tuesday.