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3 Expos in Tehran

3 Expos in Tehran3 Expos in Tehran

Tehran is playing host to three individual expos over the next three days, starting Monday, at the Permanent International Fairground, Iran’s largest exhibition center.

The latest of these exhibitions is the Made in Italia exhibition. Made in Italia in collaboration with the Italian company “Technita” offers a professional trading service for Italian companies wishing to develop their business in Iran.

This partnership Italy-Iran over the years has allowed the emergence of a reference point for many companies wishing to invest in the Middle East. The sectors included in the Made in Italia expo are construction industry, furniture, engineering, and oil.

In recent years Italy has been one of the leading European countries to continue trading with Iran. Italy is now one of the top 3 countries for export of products and services to Iran. It also kept flying its Tehran-Milan service over the past few years, being one of the remaining direct flights between Iran and Europe after sanctions against Iran over its nuclear energy program intensified.

Also on show is the 5th Int’l Exhibition of Modern House, Architecture, Interior Design or Midex 2015, which kicked off on Monday and is ending on Thursday. This event is covering the local and international Interior design industries.

The interior design section is hosting companies covering residential interior design, commercial interior design, office interior design, trade exhibit design, swimming pool and sauna design, kitchen decoration design and landscape and garden design.

Midex 2015 is also showcasing newer industries such as lighting design companies and smart home electronics companies, which can reduce the cost of running a home using new technologies. Midex is being held in cooperation with the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).

Also on show is the 14th International Exhibition of Household Appliances, which is showing the latest in household kitchen goods and home entertainment systems among other areas.

Companies from Korea, China, Turkey and other Asian countries are showcasing their latest products to the Iranian consumer.

The household appliances exhibition is expected to go on to Thursday and will also host many new Iranian companies coming onto the market with their latest designed indigenous appliances.