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Trade Guilds Meet in Kish

Trade Guilds Meet in KishTrade Guilds Meet in Kish

Trade and business consultants from 16 countries on Sunday held talks with representatives from commercial guilds, hotels and businesses active on Kish Island to explore avenues for bilateral cooperation. According to the PR and International Affairs Department of Kish Free Zone Organization, the meeting had a focus on investment and business opportunities on the Persian Gulf island as well as on how to market locally-manufactured products at the international markets.  The representatives from the industrial guilds and the association of Kish hotel owners briefed the visiting delegations on their capabilities. Local businesspeople also briefed their guests on investment potentials available on the island.

Attracting health tourists onto Kish Island was among the most significant issues discussed in the meeting, the department said.

The Kish Free Zone Organization and the Organization of Trade Promotion have agreed on having closer cooperation with foreign trade consultants in a bid to boost business on the island.