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Banks Grab Digital Transformation Awards

Banks Grab Digital Transformation AwardsBanks Grab Digital Transformation Awards

The second iteration of the annual Digital Transformation Awards, aimed at recognizing the best companies that improved their business models by way of digital progress, on Tuesday honored a host of firms mostly related to banks.

Ertebat Farda E-Commerce Company, Bank Ayandeh’s affiliate that offers banking products and services such as electronic banks, point-of-sale devices, mobile and Internet banking, in addition to non-banking financial services, received the Digital Transformation Award that only goes to a firm that has scored a win in two of the three categories of the awards.

The awards and badges are granted in three categories referred to as digital mastery, digital innovation and digital leaders.

In the digital mastery category, Bank Mellat won the golden award, Ertebat Farda received the silver award and Tosan, a company offering banking solutions, was honored with the bronze award.

Iran Zamin Bank and Mehr Alborz Higher Education Institute received digital mastery badges.

In the digital innovation category, three awards and two badges were handed out. Tosan received the golden award because of its open-platform communications gateway while Bank Melli Iran, the nation’s biggest bank, won the silver award for creating its mobile app called Bale. Ertebat Farda collected the bronze award for fintech innovation.

For innovation in offering value-added services in banking teller technology, Samaneh Electronic Ansar affiliated with Bank Ansar and Adl Afarinan Mandegar or Adotel, a company offering hotel management solutions, were honored with digital transformation badges.

Three other awards and two badges were awarded in the final digital leaders category.

Shahab Javanmardi, chief executive of Fanap, Bank Pasargad’s affiliate that offers solutions in tourism, traffic management and health tracking in addition to banking solutions, was honored with the golden award in the category.

Ertebat Farda was once again recognized for excellence in leadership and the silver award of the category was handed over to its CEO Seyyed Hamed Qannadpour.

Rouhollah Fatemi Ardakani, chief executive of Tosan, got the bronze award in the digital leaders category while Faramarz Khaleqi, CEO of Bank Melli’s Sadad Informatics Corps, and Mehran Savadkouhi from Iran Zamin Bank received the digital transformation badge to bring the event to a close.

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