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Industrial Licenses

Industrial Licenses Industrial Licenses

The Ministry of Industry, mine, and trade has issued 109,048 industrial establishment licenses within the first 8 months of the current Iranian year, which ended December 21, IRNA reported. Given the issued licenses, it is expected that 268,086 job opportunities have been created for the local workforce. Moreover, the projected investment is estimated to surpass 790 trillion rials within the said period. Regarding the number of industrial licenses, East Azerbaijan province topped other provinces, with 1,280 licenses. Fars province took the second place with almost 1,155 licenses. In terms of investment, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province recorded almost 65 trillion rials, though East Azerbaijan posted the highest number of job opportunities, with up to 24,400 job vacancies. Most of the licenses issued over the period were allocated to the non-metallic minerals, with up to 846,000 licenses.