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260,000 Tons of Bitumen Offered for Export

260,000 Tons of Bitumen Offered for Export260,000 Tons of Bitumen Offered for Export

Nearly 266,000 tons of different grades of bitumen have been on offer at the export trade floor of Iran’s Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday, SENA reported.

Given the market demand, close to 124,000 tons of bitumen from the Jey Oil Refining Company were offered, with another 74,000 tons from different branches of Pasargad Oil Company.

A further 59,000 tons of bitumen were offered by Shimi Tejarat Naghsh-e Jahan Company at the export trading floor of the IME.

Also close to 4,000 tons of bitumen 6070 were offered by other oil companies, as well as 5,000 tons of bitumen 6070, which were offered by Memaran Terarat-e Aftab Company.

Following the report, 67,000 tons of polymers were offered by different petrochemical companies on the oil and petrochemical trading commodities’ floor.

Iran is a major bitumen supplier for Asian countries as foreign companies are interested in importing Iranian bitumen due to its high quality and competitive price.