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IKCO, Saipa Stumble in Customer Survey

IKCO, Saipa Stumble in Customer Survey    IKCO, Saipa Stumble in Customer Survey

The two major Iranian carmakers Iran Khodro and Saipa were ranked sixth and tenth, respectively, in a survey conducted to assess customer satisfaction of the car sales process in Iran, reported IRNA.

The survey, conducted by Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company (ISQI) on the activities on car companies, revealed that Media Motors, the seller of MG cars, was the best car provider by getting 716 points out of 1000. Atlas Khodro, the supplier of Kia cars, and Asan Motor, the supplier of Hyundai cars, were ranked second and third in the survey in which more than 108,000 respondents were asked questions regarding the different parts of the car sales process in Iran.

Iran Khodro, which was ranked 6th in the survey, has a 52.4% share in Iran’s car market, while Saipa controls 41% of the market.

The behavior of the sales departments’ personnel and each company’s exclusive procedures in fixing the possible problems in vehicle delivery were included in the survey as the most decisive factors in achieving higher customer satisfaction.

During the second half of the Iranian calendar year 1392 (ended March 20, 2014), a total of 405,996 cars were sold in Iran, among which 84.1% were sedans and 13.9% were hatchbacks. Sport utility vehicles (SUV) and crossovers only accounted for 2% of the sales in the period.

In the annually held survey by the ISQI, the domestically-produced vehicles are often ranked low from different aspects, including suspension system, steering wheel system, brakes, water penetration, power transmission system, body color, interior designs, and electronic systems.