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SOC Announces 6-Month Profits

SOC Announces 6-Month ProfitsSOC Announces 6-Month Profits

The Sepahan Oil Company (SOC) announced financial results for the first half of the fiscal year 1393 (started March 21, 2014), based on which the company’s net income was over 1.56 trillion rials during the first half of the year, reported the Securities and Exchange News Agency on Monday. According to the report, the SOC, which earned over 8.61 trillion rials from the sales, paid 1,494 rials per share to its shareholders. The oil company’s gross profit has been announced as 2.29 trillion rials. The company’s main areas of activity include manufacturing, distribution and trade of oil products and services, especially lubricant products. The company mainly produces automotive gear oils, gasoline and diesel engine oils, and special motor oils.