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KFZO Resolving Own Infrastructure Problems

KFZO Resolving Own Infrastructure ProblemsKFZO Resolving Own Infrastructure Problems

Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization, Ali Asghar Mounesan, says the KFZO has begun to complete the semi-finished infrastructure projects on the Persian Gulf island.

“Finishing incomplete projects on the southern Iranian island is one of the major problems we decided to tackle first before planning for future projects,” the public relations and international affairs department of Kish Free Zone Organization quoted Mounesan as saying.

The Kish free zone organization has so far completed 25 development projects, 16 infrastructure projects and 9 urban projects since September 2013, Mounesan said in an interview with the government-run news website

The plans included major electricity and irrigation projects, which were implemented with aim of meeting the growing demand on the island.

Before 2013, only 150 megawatts of electricity was generated on the island but in September 2013, 75 megawatts was added to the power grid, said KFZO chief.

Mounesan also stated that a major 30-million-dollar project is underway to improve the local power grid’s transmission capacity.

“After the completion of the project, problems including blackouts will be resolved,” Mounesan reiterated.

Meanwhile, the KFZO chief said that a power plant and a water facility will also be built in the southern part of the Kish Island with the participation of private sector as part of plans to establish an integrated power system on the island.

The official said the KFZO also plans to renovate the irrigation system and has already managed to resolve water shortage problems by limiting waste water discharges. He added that a 20,000-cubic-meter water tank has also been installed on the island to deal with low precipitation.

The KFZO said expanding the infrastructure of Kish is key to the island’s development and also prepares the ground for turning the island into a top economic zone in Iran and in the region.