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Iran-Luxembourg Forum Convenes

The first Iran-Luxembourg Forum opened on Wednesday and hosted Iranian and Luxembourg-based businesses keen on promoting bilateral trade.

Luxembourg, reeling from recently introduced rules on banking transparency laws that were enforced by the European Union, is now looking for alternative investable projects.

Making use of the country’s standing in European banking channels, several speakers reminded Luxembourg-based businesses that Iran is now an investable destination.

Mario Hirsch, a political scientist and journalist, said that with the recent change in Iran’s status with regard to the removal of sanctions, local businesses must reassess their relations with Iran.

The representative of Ghadir Investment Company, one of Iran’s largest investment companies, was next to take the podium to discuss issues related to investment in oil, gas, petrochemical and cement industries.

Hassan Abghari, managing director of Iran Foreign Investments Company, also spoke at the event and noted that the government-backed investment fund is actively looking to attract foreign partners to help interact with Iranian partners.

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