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Iran Plans to Join UN's CFT Treaty

Iran Plans to Join UN's CFT Treaty
Iran Plans to Join UN's CFT Treaty

President Hassan Rouhani has submitted to the parliament the bill aimed at joining the International Convention for Combating the Financing of Terrorism.

The United Nations treaty was adopted by its General Assembly on December 9, 1999, in New York and is designed to criminalize financing of terrorism, in addition to promoting cooperation to prevent and investigate the financing of such acts.       

The president has forwarded the bill, which was initially approved by the Cabinet on October 29 under the recommendation of Foreign Ministry, to Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani to be reviewed by parliamentarians.

“Considering the rising threats emanating from terrorism and because the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been a target of terrorist attacks mounted by anti-revolutionary groups and entities and is itself one of the biggest victims of this ghastly phenomenon, and in light of the fact that fighting terrorism requires the  close cooperation of all countries, and owing to the suitable legal instruments that will be provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran in line with preventing the financing of terrorism if it becomes a member of the Convention, the following bill has been presented to undergo due legal process,” reads the introduction of the bill as published by the official website of the administration.  



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