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Iran: 485,000 New Jobs Averaged Annually Since 2013

485,000 New Jobs Averaged Annually Since 2013485,000 New Jobs Averaged Annually Since 2013

An average of 485,000 jobs were created every year during President Hassan Rouhani’s first term (Aug. 2013-17), the head of the Statistical Center of Iran said. Omid Ali Parsa added that the figure stood at around 76,000 during the two successive presidential terms of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2005-13). According to Parsa, 23.827 million Iranians were employed in the country in summer (June 22-Sept. 22), IRNA reported. He noted that 9.2% of these employees worked part-time, i.e. less than 44 hours a week, while 40% worked full-time. The unemployment rate in summer stood at 11.7%, registering a 1% drop compared with last year’s similar quarter and a 0.9% decrease compared with spring. Labor force participation rate—the proportion of the population of ages 10 years and above that is economically active (either employed or looking for work)—was at 41% in Q2, registering a 0.6% rise compared with last summer and a 0.4% increase compared with Q1.

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