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93,800 Public Complaints Against Businesses

93,800 Public Complaints Against Businesses93,800 Public Complaints Against Businesses

More than 93,800 public complaints against centers offering goods and services were filed at the industries, mining and trade organizations of provinces across the country during the first half of the current Iranian year (March 21-Sept. 22), 85% of which pertained to products and the rest to services, the head of Consumer and Producer Protection Organization said.

“Bread, fruit and vegetables and apparel topped the list of goods against which complaints were made. Auto shops, parking lots and real-state agencies were the service providing centers accounting for the majority of complaints,” Mahmoud Navabi was also quoted as saying by IRNA.

Most complaints, the official added, concerned profiteering, selling less for more money and for not displaying price tags on products.

People can inform the authorities of their complaints against businesses through the hotline 124.

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